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cherry trees


I went out with my mother to see cherry blossoms today. We visited Yasukuni shrine. 

今日は母とお花見に靖国神社へ出掛けました。午前中は曇っていましたが暖かかったです。とても静かで美しかったです。 私を含め皆、沢山写真を撮っていました。

It was cloudy in the morning but warm. I enjoyed beautiful sight and quiet moment : ) Many people were taking lots of  pictures like me.                                     

Some cherry trees are twisted, it’s very strange.  I wondered how did they grow like that.   They keep on growing.


Just out of the shrine there is a beautiful street with full of cherry trees. People were looking up at beautiful cherry blossoms.


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Spring dinner


My mother made scattered sushi for dinner yesterday. It looks really Spring,doesn’t it?

I can’t wait for Sakura : ) It’s blooming day by day because of this warm and sunny weather these days. The cherry trees in Tokyo are going to be at their best this weekend! Let’s go out for Ueno park, Shinjuku-gyoen, Yoyogi park ,,anywhere!! : )


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We got cream paffs from Asami-san : ) This is really good, cute and I loved it! I think I will get again by myself. but I didn’t ask which shop sells it so I have to ask when I see her next!    Yuka

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Sakura sakura sakura  My favorite flower

        Sakura sakura sakura  My fovorite season.

       Sakura sakura sakura My favorite Party.

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Wonderful stay at yougendo : )


I visited Nara this week since I went for a school excursion when I was in a jounior high, it was quite long time ago.  The owner of Andon, Toshiko-san highly reccommended me sevral times to visit “yougendo” which was a very cosy traditional accommodation in Nara. I finally got a oppotunity to visit them and stayed for one night.

It was absolutely one of my favorit places I’ve stayed up until now. I was originally very interested in traditional Japanese buildings so was very looking forward to seeing their beautiful Japanese-style house. It was ahead of my expectations..!

It was not just traditional, old, but also very elegant and gorgous,I felt. I especially liked the painting on a fusuma in zashiki rooms. I also enjoyed having look at a beautiful couryard and some antiques displayed around the rooms.

There was a fine bar restaurant “yougendo” just beside the entrance gate. It was converted an old warehouse into a bar. So cool! I loved its atmosphere,interior decorations,music,everything. The owner,Mr.Chris cooked elaborate dishes one after another. I totally enjoyed it as I was talking with friendly yougendo staff members and other guests.It was a pleasant time : )

When I went to a lounge in the following morning, I found a really interesting, peaceful scene…! Many guests were getting up and just coming to a lounge, and made themself absolutely at home and very relaaaax. It looked like a big family…! The gorgous traditional Japanese-style house I saw last night changed to a lively big house filled with the feel of human life..! That’s wonderful and cool!!

Thanks so much, Chris-san and lovely yougendo staff members. I’m already looking forward to coming back there and will prefer to stay longer next time!


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