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My grand mother in Kyoto


I visited Kyoto to see my grand mother in a hospital.
They had a lots of snow the end of last year and there were some still left around her house.
I liked the beautiful scenery of Kyoto with snow, however, I hope that it’s getting be warmer soon when I think of my grand mother,,,!



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Cafe : )


I went to “ANTICO CAFFE” in Ebisu, you can find it just in front of west exit at Ebisu station.
It’s a Italian cafe which is very nice.
It opened last year so quite new! If you like panini you should go there. They also have cake and alcohol.
This time I had a panini (filling with potato and some octopus), it was the first time to eat this, I really liked it.
And  I also had a cup of cappuccino. Ebidu station is a one of busy place with many office workers but I could have relaxed there for a while : )

The heart made me smile : )
 恵比寿駅の西口改札を出て直ぐの所にある”ANTICO CAFFE”に行きました。中は明るくとても良い感じで昨年オープンしたばかりのイタリアンカフェです!

パニーニが好きな方は是非行ってみてください。 勿論ケーキやお酒類もあります。 今回私はポテトとタコが入ったパニーニとカプチーノをいただきました。このパニーニは初めての味でしたが、とっても美味しかったです! 恵比寿駅はオフィス街で少し慌ただしいですが、このカフェで休憩をすることができました:)


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Syabu syabu


Happy new year 2011 !!!

I went to Syabu Syabu restaurant yesterday, in Ueno (wich is two metro stops from Andon), restaurant name is Kisoji wich is one of the famous syabu syabu restaurant in tokyo. Restaurant staff is really friendly and you can choose between tatami or normal table eating style.

Syabu syabu is Japanese traditional sharing food and it’s so nice in winter !!! It’s slice of beef meat than you put in hot water with vegetables, tofu, mushrooms and rice noodle.

Before eating the meat you put it into sesame or ponzu sauce. It was so delicious ! i really enjoyed it ! I had good time with my friends eating the special new year menu !!


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A Happy New Year!!


Akemashite Omedeto Gozaimasu!! (A happy new year!!)
The year of 2011 has finally started!
I visited Sensoji temple in Asakusa around midnight and saw the new year there.
There were so many people in a line to pray and the precincts of the temple were wrapped in an austere atmosphere.
I prayed happiness of the new year : )
Happy new year!





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I went to Hakone and stayed nice Japanese traditional ryokan with private onsen in a room! It was cozy and very quiet. Meal was delicious and good hospitality!! I enjoyed staying at there a lot! Next day I went to Owakudani and Ashinoko lake and saw the beautiful Mt.Fuji.
I used 5000yen 2 days ticket and it covered all transpotation! It was very convenience to travel in Hakone. I reacommend to use it when you go there!


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