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French restaurant


I went to a french restaurant in Kanda with my friends.
The restaurant name is “Bistro Marsanne”
I should have took more pictures but I was concentrate on eating
so I completely forgot… When I noticed the only dessert was left.
This cake is made from corn so I think it’s very healthy! and garnished with same caramel ice cream and sliced banana. It tastes very good!
There are very friendly staffs in this restaurant, good atmosphere and reasonable, I really want to go again. 
「Bistro Marsanne」という名前です。
とっても美味しかったです: )

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Neput estival in Goshogawara


「やってまれ。」「やってまれ。」 の掛け声とたいこ、笛、などのお囃子共に、大型のねぷたを引く姿は圧巻っだった。弘前が静なら五所川原は動、残念ながら今回はこの二か所しか見に行くことができなかったが、青森は更に 激しくはねるらしい。次回はぜひ、青森も。                         

Takamaru kun & Neputa goldfish 


The top


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Summer Cut!


I have a dog and his name is Leo. He is pomeranian.
He went to hairsalon last week and he did summer style!! Looks totally different! His hair stayle is called “Small Lion cut”.

In this summer it is very hot weather and he has long hair so we decided to cut his hair a lot!
He looks like lion but not strong… ;p
I like his tail and he is so cute!!



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Mo+ Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo


Current Exhibition Board

Animation can be alive in reality by the magical hand of film production designer like Mr. Yohei Taneda ! His current exhibition of Studio’s Ghibli “Karigurashi no Arrietty” is “the hot must do things this Summer”. He has created the world of “Little People” who live under the floorboard of normal people’s house inside 1,200 sq.m. exhibition space. As soon as I walked inside the exhibition space, I felt like I was the little people and part of Arrietty’s family, everything’s so real and approacble, I could feel that the little people were actually living there.

Entrance of Mo+

After touring Arrietty’s house, Taneda took us to the garden where Arrietty like to play, then, the mood of exhibition changes to be more like simple with his previous productions photographes and Arrietty’s production plans and sketches.
I bought original soundtrack CD which produced by Cecile Corbel and some postcards as souvenirs, I like all the songs in the movie because it reminds me of my childhood and also encourage me to live on strong with positive motivation.

CD Cover

The exhibition will last until October 3rd. and ticket can be purchased at Mo+ ( 1,200 yen) for access information, please visit


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Neputa Festival in Hirosaki


I went to Neputa festival last weekend. There are three places in Aomori Neputa festival,Hirosaki,Goshogawara and Aomori.
Hirosaki Neputa festival is quiet. People haul on a rope with saying “Yayado”.The neput float panel was really big so it was very difficult to haul under the street because high street lamps.
When the neputa float panel touched it the festival people care for it much more. When it pass throw under the street lamp. People clap the hands a lot. It was excited.

Art o Rice field in Inakadate village



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