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I went to Jiyugaoka to hang out alone.  It’s rainy season but fortunately, it was nice day yesterday.
There are many good shops and cafe as Machiko wrote before, so I never get bored in jiyugaoka ; )
After that I went to Hiroo.
Near the station, there is a nice park. It called “Arisugawa Park”.  In the park very calm and especially this time there is a lot of greenery so you don’t need any hats in this park. And I could feel a bit cool.
Next to the park there is a National Azabu Supermarket and Baskin Robbins, also some cafes. This area is quite small but very populer in Japan so there are always many people.

In the park, there is a fine library. They have many reference seats.
I really liked it. You can put your bags in a locker(not big) so if you went to hiroo drop into the library.(They have English books too.)  


その後に広尾へ行きました。駅の近くに有栖川公園と呼ばれている公園があります。ここはとても静かで特に今の季節は帽子も必要無いほど緑が茂っています。 少し涼しく感じました。

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Omiya Bonsai Art Museum


Today, one guest asked me about Bonsai Village, which is located in Omiya area. For the Bonsai Lover is a must to visit Bonsai Village and Omiya Bonsai Art Museum, so today, I would like to introduce some useful information about Bonsai Art Museum and Bonsai Village.
Bonsai Village Map
Bonsai Art Museum is the first’s world Bonsai Museum opened to public to promote the art of Bonsai. Since the location is very close to Bonsai Village where you can visit each individual Bonsai nurseries to see and learn about Bonsai as well as to buy tools and products to grow Bonsai, it’s very convenient. Moreover, after visiting Bonsai Village, you can also walk through Omiya Park to visit Higawa Shrine, one of significant and beautiful shrine in Saitama Prefecture.
Higawa Jinja
Bonsai Art Museum opens daily, except Thursday from 9 am to 4 pm. The ticket is only 300 yen for adult ,200 yen for high school student and 100 yen for children under Junior high school.
Access Map
The Museum is in a walking distance from Toro Station and Omiya Koen Station on Utsunomiya Line and Tobu-Noda Line respectively.
For more information please visit
By Machiko
Ps. I am planning to visit Bonsai Village this Monday, I will take many pictures to share with you all later :)

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Princess Restaurant


I would like to introduce very cute resaurant at Ginza. Name is “Princess Hert” and interior decorations are princess room as restaurant name. There was based on “snow white” and “Cinderella” as a concept.
We are called “prince” or “princess” from waitress ;)
Both the food and Drink are very cute and liked by girls;

In this time I reserved birthday course set in advance for my friend. Birthday cake appeared in the last of the course. My friend was really surprised and we song birthday song everyone and took picutre.

They gave tiara for my friend and she wore it on the head! It was so cute! Also they took picture with us and gave her it for birthday present.

It is so nice place to surprise party….especially for girls because It was 80% visitors of the women when I visit to there. I don’t recommend to visit to there only men ^^;



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Jiyuugaoka Burger


 I can’t deny that hamburger is very easy comfort food I used to like so much. However, since I have started dieting, I couldn’t eat such a high calories food like hamburger anymore which somehow make me feel frustrated. So, my solution is to find the place that offer a hambuger restaurant that uses organic and healthy products as main ingredients. Luckily, I have found “Jiyugaoka Burger” and decided to visit there with Yuka san after work on last Saturday.
 Jiyugaoka Burger is located in a small town called Jiyugaoka which I used to introduce couple weeks ago.  Talking about burger, the juicy greesy patty is the core of tasty and delicious hamburger, on the other hand, it is not good for the health. So, Jiyugaoka Burger’s selected 100% Japanese “Wagyu” beef, process in Japan and also organic vegetables and fresh ingredients to create tasty and healthy burger.
  I ordered “small set of Jiyugaoka Cheese Burger” with pink lemonade and Yuka san had “small set of liverpaste Burger” with pink lemonade as well. The set come with freshy made burger from a grill, small cup of coslaw and fried potato.
  I could enjoy the delicious burger since the first bite from the crispy toast bun, fresh lettuce,tomato and onion, melted cheese and tendered beef patty. So, with this level of quality, I can certainly recommended this place to eat when you visit Jiyugaoka.
 Address: Meguro-Ku,Jiyugaoka, 1-3-15 4F

Tell: 03-6459-5133

Time: 11:30 – 24:00

Take out TEL: 11:30 – 22:00

Last Order 22:00

Close:  Third Wednesday of the month

By Machiko

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