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Yokohama China Town


I went to China town in Yokohama last week and I went to chinese restaurant with friends.
At that restaurant you can eat as much as you like for 2,625 yen and not time limit. We could stay there as long as we want and eating very much. Restaurant name is “Shofukumon” and it was nice place.  This is webpage: They served hot food from kitchen soon when we orderd them. We did not wait long time so we could eat a lot and ordered only my favorite foods. I like chinese dim sum, soup and sweets very much and I had them and good time!!
I recommed to visit to there over 3 people because there are 3 or 4 foods in a plate so we can share and enjyoyed a lot of tastes!
After lunch, we walked around china town and saw some festival in the temple. I did not know that what kind of festival but it was interesting. There were sooo busy in a town.
Normally I went to bay side area when I visit to Yokohama so I did not know that such as interesting place in Yokohama. I want to visit to china town again and try to eat big pork white bread next time(^^)
We were very full so we went to shopping exercise(^-^; 
However there were a lot of attractive cafe so we had cafe time inspite of  full… We have the other stomach for sweets… 
It takes about 1 and half hour by train from Minowa to Yokohama so please try to visit there! 

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Halloween decolation in the Andon


Andon is decolated some Halloween goods :)  Boss decolated in Andon very lovery.
Koira-chan also wore Halloween costume and she is sooooo cute!
Boss and me took a lot of her picutures(^^)
Normally I do not celebrate Halloween but I like these kind of decolation very much!!        


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I’d like to introduce one of our Andon staff, Oh-san from China who has worked for Andon as a cleaner around for four months. She is really hard worker and has a cute smile : )
We work together almost everyday, however, it’s always very difficult to have the time for talking together because it’s so busy when we are working,,! Therefor I and Yuka invited her to go for dinner after work today.
We went to an Okonimiyaki restaurant near Minowa station.
It was her first time to eat Monjayaki and we really enjoyed making and eating Monja and Okinomiyaki together.Though it was rather hard to communicate with different languages,it actualy didn’t matter before such a fine food and beer : ) It was a really pleasant time.
Furthermore,I learned some Chinese phases during the dinner,,!
Thank you, Oh-san : )



でも楽しかったね : )

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Halloween at Tokyo Disneyland !


Yesterday I went to Tokyo Disneyland with my friend. It’s already Halloween there.For me it was the first time to go there during the Halloween season so I really suprised that all decorations are changed. 

 I haven’t been there long time so I was like a child…

the entrance

The fist of all, I got mickey’s ears, usually I don’t buy any costumes but it’s “halloween” so I bought it! Many people are costumed there so I really enjoyed looking at them.

waffle of Mickey’s face- recommended by Kayo it’s very good

At Disneyland eating is one of pleasure. I tried a waffle shaped Mickey’s face(Kayo recommended me!),Chuka-man(Chinese food some pork in side), popcorn with soy sauce and butter flavored and now there is pumpkin ice cream!! I ate a lot : ) I really loved “Pooh’s honey hunt”. It’s so lovely!!
And I went to Captain E.O. Michael Jackson appears in this attraction. Apparently it’s open until this year. His dance is fantastic.


electrical parade at night. pooh is my favorite

There are some different parades, we saw one of Halloween parade at day time. There were already many people when we get there so we couldn’t get good place to see it. But at night we saw electrical parade from the best place because we had keeping the place about an hour and half ago!(actually we were taking rest) so we could take nice pictures and movies!! It was sooooo beautiful.

I’ll up date the movies and some other pictures next.

I wish I could go there again at Christmas season…


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