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When I left Tokyo,weather was very bad. Tokyo was so hot before long days. I felt unlucky for a short trip.
The next day, the rain was stop afternoon so I went to lake o Ashino for a walk with a dog. I found a mountain route between Tougendai and Owakudani and I got a presant surprise.

my pretyy dog of Koira
It was a nice walking trail.I reccomend you walking this route. It took about only one hour. 

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3D Experience @ Sony Bldg. Ginza


Sony Building is very popular spot for tourists to stop by and enjoy the latest Sony’s technology and products. As a Sony’s fan, I won’t miss a chance to visit there, so I went last week because during Summer, not only you can enjoy trying out new items or products that you are interested in but also can relax with the mini-aquarium of marine lifes like ray, coral fish and so on.
Talking about the latest technology in Japan, nothing is ever hotter than 3D TV, of course, not just Sony but also other electronic brands have released the same 3D TV. It’s amazing to be able to see people pop out from the screen with just wearing a special glasses. Other than 3D TV, there are latest type of camera, laptop, CD walkman and video recorder provided.
Sony building is located near Hermes Building and easily access by subway Hibiya line, Ginza Station

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44th Edo Riverside Firework Festival 2010


Last year I experienced Sumida Riverside Firework Festival with my friend Yoko. This year, Ryoko san, one of Andon staff invited me to visit Kanamachi-Shimabata to see firework on Edo Riverside which was wonderful experience for me because, last year, I couldn’t see the firework clearly because of expressway had blocked the scenery. Thus, I chose to go to Edo Riverside Firework Festival because I knew that nothing would block the view of firework. As you remembered that I went to this town before to have famous tempura restaurant and saw Japanese style house and enjoyed tea and dessert. I arrived there early so I walked around and got sweet redbean dango from Toraya which I thought it’s the most famous, but then Ryoko san told me that the most famous one was the other store, I was disappointed that I didn’t try that store’s dango.
The firework started at 7.20 and last for 1 hour, the impact firework and character firework like Doraemon could be seen. We bought beer and yatai food like yakisoba and takoyaki to enjoy while looking at the firework. This experience will always stay with me as good memory. Japan Summer Firework festivals are definately the best of  on my Japan’s Summer Must Do List…:)
Ps. It was the first time I put on Yukata by myself, I was very happy to be able to do it……

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I went to Odaiba where is large artificial island in Tokyo Bay across the Rainbow Bridge from central Tokyo.
Every summer there is a big festival by Fuji-TV company.
In this year’s event is “United States Of Odaiba”  from 17th of July to 31st of August.
Please check this web page and you can image what is there happen.

I recommend to visit there if you have time ;)
Odaiba is one of my favorite place in Tokyo. There are a lot of shopping place, restaurant and nice design building.

You can go there by Yurikamome line from Shinbashi station and across the Rainbow Bridge :)

Have a fun!!!


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Tokyo’s Summer Hot Spot


It’s so hot but still I love to get out and enjoy Summer as much as I can. However, after walking all day long my feet are sored and heavy, when I thought of the place I can rest my feet, Tokyo Midtown’s feet resting spot camp up in my mind.

Either catch subway on Hibiya line to Roppongi Station or Chiyoda line to Nogizaka Station, before I knew it I saw this small man-made river-like where we could rest our feet in 15c water and massage with the small rocks, all free-of charge. This service is located near 21-21 Design Space just off Tokyo Midtown Gallerie Bldg. and available from 3pm-8pm daily except Tuesday until August 28th.
Don’t forget to prepare tissue or small towel to dry up your happy feet otherwise you can rent a towel (100 yen/towel)….Also, the staff told me that around 7.30-8 pm. there is a water dance show and small firework…………

So, if you go shopping around Roppongi-Tokyo Midtown, Don’t miss the change to relax and enjoy late afternoon with beer while resting your feet in the chill water….:)


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