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Vacation in Sydney


I went to Sydney in Australian for a week.

I have caught cold as soon as when I arrived there because Sydney is the opposite season to Japan and it was very cold!
I bought UGG boots soon and it was keeping worm for me :)  
The first purpose in this trip was to go to school of the coffee art with barista. I made coffee all day long and was able to take a qualification barista♪
Also  I could meet the friend who lived in Sydney and was able to spend a very great holiday.


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Japanese Curry: Top’s


My all time easy made Japanese food is curry, since I was young, my father and mother oftens made “homestyle curry” which was easy because they used an instant curry roux. So, curry in my opinion, it’s something I can make at home. So, why do I have to go having curry in a restaurant!!
spicy pork curry with spinach and mix vegetables
Recently, curry has been in my mind since I watched TV program that introduced “Curry Senmonten” or a restaurants that specialize in making curry from the stratch… Camp curry in Sendagaya or Manten, dirt cheap but delicious curry restaurant in Jimbocho. Therefore, I think I will have to go to those places to try their curry.
However, today, I wanted to introduce one of the famous curry restaurant and cake shop “Top’s” which has many stores in “Depajika” (mall’s basement). I went to the one in Omiya Station. It’s the first time I tried Top’s curry which originally first opened in 1964 in TBS TV building. From the history, there’s no wonder that Top’s curry is something you can’t miss!!!
More info. go to
From Machiko,

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The hot and wet days are here in Tokyo.
We displayed Fuurin(wind bell) in a lounge to avoid this muggy weather..!
Many beautiful antique things are displayed everywhere in Andon and these Fuurin are also Japanese antique.I really like the lovely red color : )
I hope these Fuurin make us more confortable in wet rainny season.
行燈の館内には数々の珍しい骨董品が至る所に飾られています。この風鈴ももちろんアンティークです。可愛らしい真っ赤な風鈴たちを眺めながら、ひと時でも外のムシムシを忘れ心地よく過ごしていただけたら、と思います : )

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I went to Tokyo Mid Town in Roppongi to see my friend. She lives in Chiba prefecture, she is always busy so we can’t see very often. That day she had to leave Tokyo before 5pm, I wanted take more time but we had fun a lot : ) We had lunch at “Napule”. Apparently their pizza is quite famous but I didn’t know that until we arrived there. We got “Napule” before 12pm but it’s already full and we had to be in the line, I think we were waithing more than 30 minutes.
But It’s worth waiting! their pizza is sooo tasty and I loved it ; )  then I repeated “delicious” many times!!
And also we joined an event. It called “Tanabata” which is very big and traditional in Japan.
Correctly, It’s on 7th of July.
   Usually, we write a wish (but I wrote many) on a piece of paper and hung it on the bamboo, It’s like a decolation on the picture behind me.You might see often this kind of deco in this season. 
☆I hope my wish has come true☆
七夕のイベントにも参加しました。 願い事を書いて貼るだけですが・・・ :)
久しぶりでしたので結構友人と楽しんでいました。 願い事叶うといいです!

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