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Today, Ueno Zoo opened !!  上野動物園が今日開園しました!!

Many people are excited about this good news because 2 pandas came from China in February, and now students are on vacation, so there are lot of people who want to see cute Pandas there : )  Pandas are really popular in Japan, I think slow moves, lovely faces and when they are eating bamboo grasses attract us very much.

沢山の人がこの明るいニュースを待っていました!2月に中国からやってきて日本名を”真真”と”力力”と名付けられた可愛いパンダを一目みようと春休み中の子供達が沢山集まっているようです。 パンダは日本でもとても人気がありますね、ゆっくりとした動きや愛らしい顔、笹の葉を食べる姿は私たちを魅了します :)

Male panda named “Li-li” and Female named “shin-shin”. Panda’s baby is tiny and cute!! Apparently it’s very difficult for them to have a baby though I hope they will have a baby someday. パンダの赤ちゃんが誕生するまでの過程はとても難しいそうですが、いつか赤ちゃんを見られたらいいな・・と思っています!

You can see their pictures on the site but it’s only in Japanese. こちらのサイトでパンダの写真が見られます。

And these are pictures in Ueno station there are many picture of pandas every where : )  こちらの写真は上野駅です。上野駅では至る所にパンダの絵が発見できます!可愛いですね :)


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I found new taste of gummi at a convenience store today. This gummi is from Kanro which is quite popular company in Japan. When the seasons change we have new taste of food so I enjoy it.

It’s a  flavor of guava and also it’s very sour but tasty! I really loved it. I often drink guava juice and it’s same as 100% guava juice ; ) it’s my favorite fruit.

新しい味のグミをコンビニで見つけました。季節の変わり目は新しい味が沢山出るのでとても楽しいです。 このグミはカンロから発売されています。

グァバの味でとーっても甘酸っぱいですが美味しいです! グァバは私の好きな果物で、グァバジュースをよく飲みます。



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Kris-san is staying in Andon from yesterday! He is repert customer of Andon. He is very kind and friendly for us! We are really big fun of him!! so grad to meeting with him again!!  We got big big big surprise when he arrived in here because he bring a lot of chocolates and cookies for us from Belgium. He knows that all of andon staff addict sweets! Look at this picture!!!! It likes sweet shop!! We really appriciate him. Thank you very much Kris-san and please have a nice trip in Japan!!!


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Spring is coming!


I went to Ueno park and there was one cherry tree in full bloom just near the entrance of the park! It was sooo beautiful.

I’m really looking forward to seeing all trees there at their best next month : )

Spring is approaching here.

I also look forward to seeing a new panda at Ueno zoo soon : )


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Japan Nuclear Update-British Embassy


 Please read this article. Tokyo is safe right now.

Japan Nuclear Update-British Embassy

Toshiko Ishii

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