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Wonderful KIMONO


  My Kansai’s friend came to stay andon ryokan at last month. She love Kimono so much. I saw her Kimono’s parts that were fantastic.  I love to buy them,too.  



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Italian film festival


I went to “Italina film festival” in Ginza today.
I watched a comedy film “Figli delle stelle” and enjoyed it very much! I also enjoyed a tasting of Italian esprresso coffee there : )

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Italian “MANGIA”


I went to Italian restaurant which is very close from my parents house. We often go this restaurant because I say that I want to go, every time when we go out for dinner. All dishes are tasty : )  nice staffs and I like casual atmosphere too!!

This time I had a risotto (with fish and mashrooms) which is very good.

 And shared a pizza (with sea bass and potatos), everytime I eat too much at the restaurant but of caurse…  I always eat dessert before I go home!

I had a creme brulee this time!!  This is my favorite! I want to eat it everday : ) it’s good with a cop of espresso.

My mother had a gelato with strawberry so I had some bites, it refreshed me after dishes.  I will go there very soon : )


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Thanks to farmers


I eat strawberry everyday lately.

 It’s rather cheap at a supermarket now because it’s in the end of season. It’s also the time of year when fresh Spring fruits and vegetables start appearing.I like this season. Thanks to farming people!


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I got a present from Ryoko for my birthday!!  It was last week.

She knows what I really like and It made me very happy : ) Those are from starbucks, chocolate, caramel syrup and coffee powder. I’m looking for a nice cafe au lait bowl so I’ll make a good cafe au lait with caramel syrup someday!  I’ll make original flavor. But it’s also good for coffee, yoghurt, ice cream and anything I want to…

Thank you very much Ryoko-san : )


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