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☆My favorite Crêpe☆


I went to “CAFE-CREPERIE LE BRETAGNE” with my friend Hatsumi.
It’s a french Cafe and restaurant in Iidabashi. Hatsumi made a reservation for a table because it’s quite popular, so we could take seats when we arrived.

I had a crêpe(salmon,cheese,egg,cream,spinach and more) and cidre those are very nice, I really loved it. Hatsumi also had a crêpe with good harb flavered.
It’s very tasty too. And inside of the restaurant, it’s lovely :) and there are friendly staffs. We had great time there!!

And we had desserts, of course. Mine was a crêpe with some strawberry jam and vanilla ice cream on the top!! My friend had vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce.

After that, we hung out in Ikebukuro for hours and talked a lot as usual;) And it’s a bit early but I got many birthday presents from her♪ Those are soooo cute. I’m very happy and lucky, thank you very much Hatsumi ;)
We have known each other for 10 years and often go out together since we met. She is my special friend ;)

She is very good at finding something cute, nice and lovely! isn’t she?


飯田橋にある”CAFE-CREPERIE LE BRETAGNE”というフレンチカフェ&レストランに友達の初実さんと行きました。外観も内装もとても可愛いレストランです。人気がある為、初実さんが予約をしてくれて直ぐに席に着くことが出来ました:)

最後には勿論デザートです♪ 私はイチゴジャムの上にバニラアイスがのっているクレープで初実さんはバニラアイスとキャラメルソースのクレープです。

その後、池袋に行って数時間過ごしいつもの様に沢山話しました。 そして少し早目の誕生日プレゼントをいただきました;)とっても幸せです! はっちゃんいつもありがとー!!



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